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PPC Media / Cookie policy

1./ General information

We inform you that the hosting service provider of the website is:
Rackforest IT Commercial Service Provider and Consulting Limited Liability Company
The address of the office: 1132 Budapest, 18-22 Victor Hugo street, 3. floor, Door 3008 Address of server rooms: XIII. district 1132 Budapest, 18-22 Victor Hugo street, 3. floor| VIII. district 1087 Budapest, 13. Asztalos Sándor u. | X. district 1108 Budapest, 2. Kozma u.
Billing address: 1116 Budapest, 6. Sáfrány street
Tax number: 14671858-2-43
Data management registration number: NAIH-74088/2014

2./ Information about how cookies are used

As stated in our Privacy Policy, our website collects data about you while using our website. the Curent cookie policy contains the information prescribed by the 2011 Regulation of the European Communities (About electronic communications networks and services) (about data protection prevailing in electronic communication) and the General Data Protection Regulation, (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter: GDPR) about the cookies used by us.

We inform you that we use cookies on our website in order to be able to differentiate you from other website users. This helps us in offering an excellent user experience to you while browsing through our website, and this way we can also improve our site.

a Cookie is a small file consisting of letters and numbers, which we store in your browser or on the hard drive of your computer, if you consent to it. Cookies store information, which we forward to the hard drive of your computer.

When you first visit our website, you will see a notice related to cookies at the bottom of the page. If you click on the “Accept cookies” button, we save a cookie capturing your preferences.

3./ Third party website providers

It is possible that we allow third parties to locate cookies on your devices with the following conditions:

3.1./ we use Google Analytics and HotJar to measure the audience of the website, so Google and HotJar may place cookies.

3.2./ third parties can also place cookies on your device With advertising purpose.

4./ We inform you that we use the following cookies:

4.1./ Necessary cookies. These are cookies needed for the operation of our website.

4.2./ Preference cookies. These cookies enable us to recognize you when you revisit our homepage. This also enables us to personalize our website’s content for you, and remind you of our preferences (for example the chosen langauge and area).

4.3./ Statistics cookies. These cookies enable us to keep track of and recognize our visitors, and to follow our visitors’ route while using our website. This helps us in implementing improvements on our website, for example by providing our visitors the opportunity to easily find what they are looking for.

4.4./ Marketing cookies. These cookies record your visit to our homepage, the visited sites and the links you have followed. We use these pieces of information to personalize our website and advertisements according to your interest.

4.5./ you can find more information in the table below About the cookies we use and their aims:

Cookie address Cookie aim More information
Google Analytics We analyze the user habits related to visiting the website, in order to improve our website.
Google Ads Visualization of personalized and relevant advertisements for our website’s visitors on Google’s advertisement network.
Facebook Visualization of personalized and relevant advertisements for our website’s visitors on Facebook’s advertisement network.
Hotjar Periodically our website also uses the webanalytics of Hotjar to analyze the behaviour of users. Hotjar uses cookies to analyze the user interactions that happened on the website. We evaluate these and strive to improve the user experience.

5./ Third parties

please be aware that third parties (including advertisement networks, external providers and web traffic analysing services for example) can also apply cookies, for which we are not responsible and on which we do not have an influence. These cookies are most likely analytical/performance cookies or targeted cookies. We recommend you to check the websites of third parties for further information on the usage of cookies.

6./ Blocking of cookies

You can block cookies by turning on this functionality among your browser’s settings, which enables you to reject certain cookies, or to reject all cookies. However if you choose to block the application of all cookies through your browser (also including the strictly necessary cookies), then possibly you will not be able to reach our website or certain parts of it.

7./ Expiration date of cookies

Except for the strictly necessary cookies all our cookies expire after 24 months.

8./ Updating our cookie policy

We preserve the right to review our cookie policy, so please regularly check the changes. If you continue to use our website even after publishing an update of our cookie policy, that means you accept the update.

Last updated: 28 February 2024