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Google Ads (AdWords) campaign management


Our main profile is building and optimizing Google Ads campaigns, and enhancing the efficiency of the advertised website.


Details of our Google Ads campaign management service:

Personal kick-off consultation

During the consultation we assess your needs and define the exact target group of your product or service. We discuss potential competitive advantages and we determine the business and conversion targets together.

Creation and setup of Google Ads account

We open your Google Ads account, finish all basic settings, and charge your coupon for 100 EUR. We set up authorisations so that you can also access your account any time and see the results.

Continuous independent campaign optimization

We continuously monitor campaign performance, and optimize them for conversion and ROI. We test various advertisement texts and/or creatives, then once we have enough statistical data, we optimize them too.

Extensive website analysis

We perform a complete revision of your website from technical and website optimisation aspects. We prepare a detailed checklist about the revealed problems and solution proposals. We check the presence of Google tools (Analytics, Webmaster, Tag manager) and if needed, we help with the integration of codes.

Elaboration and implementation of campaign plans

We plan the complete structure of your Google Ads account adjusted to the set business targets. This is when we deal with the details of the Search, Display and Remarketing campaigns. Moreover, if your targets require, we prepare your Google Ads beta campaigns as well.

Monthly reporting and consultation

We prepare a written report every month – an executive summary about the results of the previous month, this way you can follow up the performance of your campaigns, the major indicators and the competition. Moreover, during the monthly 1 hour consultation we discuss the achieved results and next month’s targets.

Our clients said:

... professional, maximally smooth and the return increased almost fourfold!

“We made a good choice, when we decided to entrust PPC Média with our AdWords advertisements. Within a short time we received extremely precise and at the same time correct answers to all of our questions. The business operation was professional, maximally smooth, and the return increased almost fourfold! There has been no tiny detail left unhelped or unresolved. The Google Adwords optimization processes are finally clear for us, and the cooperation is excellent altogether as well.”
Edina Kékesi – Marketing manager, Opel Interat Kft.

... I sincerely say that it was one of the best business decisions, I have ever made.

“We have been working together with PPC Média for almost one year, and I sincerely say that it was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. It’s an important expectation for us that every penny spent on marketing measurably pays off, and Attila’s team always delivers the best. Additional to the high professionalism I am grateful for your conscientiousness and continuous availability, because I have not seen this with many companies. Just keep going and thank you!”
Ferenc István Deák – CEO/ Marketing Director, Grantis

... the cost of our Google AdWords advertisement has decreased by almost 50%!

“When the colleagues from PPC Média took over the management of our Adwords campaign, the cost of our Google AdWords advertisement decreased by almost 50% in the first round! By continuously reinvesting this amount we have gained much more customers than before. Later, in a few months’ time, thanks to constant optimization, our costs decreased further, so by today they have altogether reached a saving of 75% at the area of our conversion costs, which is a great support for our operation, since we have much more customers than before!”
Henriett S. – Supykids Europe Ltd.

If you want to read more opinions about our agency, please CLICK HERE!

If you want to read more opinions about our agency, please CLICK HERE!


At the European Google Headquarters

At the European Google HQ

At a Google awards ceremony

At a Google awards ceremony

In training

In training

CEE Agency day in Athens, 2016

CEE Agency day in Athens, 2016

Reasons to choose us


During the cooperation we also deal with increasing the efficiency and conversion rate of your website, so all your marketing activities will bring better returns!


We do not make you sign a fixed term contract, so you do not take on any kind of risk.


As a flagship Google Ads agency we can use Google Ads Beta tools, which provide a significant advantage for you against your competitors.


Based on our 17 years of experience and thanks to our Google contacts we are able to find the most efficient solution for all tasks.


We work together only with few clients simultaneously, so that we can perform quality work and be able to manage the campaign of all of our clients with the greatest attention.


Our remuneration is predictable and its structure keeps us truly motivated. Furthermore our contract does not include additional, hidden costs!

Thanks to Google, from February 2022, our customers will receive a credit of approx. 360 EUR to their new Ads account, subject to those meeting Google's terms and conditions.

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