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Dynamic advertisements


Instead of shopping

Sometimes for technical or other reasons we cannot run shopping advertisements, although they would presumably bring the best return to our advertising partner. In such cases more Google Ads features might become alternative, which give the with the experience of completely personalized advertisements even in case of higher data quantity, with a return similar to that of shopping campaigns.

Ad customizers

The Ad customizers work from a simple data table, in this case classic search advertisements can be completely tailored, since the template can display the price and other parameters of the products in a text ad during search for specific product name or type. The click-through rate and relevance of search advertising created this way is usually outstanding.

Google Ads script

If we want to go beyond the opportunities of automated rules, we can use scripts, which are individually developed features substantially helping optimization (e.g. turning off certain advertisements, keywords, if their indices are not ideal), but the script can also watch out so that only those products will be displayed, which are currently on stock, this way saving a lot of money and energy for the advertiser. Only imagination can limit opportunities.

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