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Mobile > 70%

In the past years Google were right to claim that their most important expectation from website owners is the availability of the mobile, i.e. responsive version of websites. For quite some time websites not having a version optimized for mobile device have not really appeared in the list of search results. The reason for this is that users mostly use mobile telephones when browsing the internet. Based on the numbers visible in the Google Analytics accounts it means that in 2019 appr. 70-90% of the visits came from mobile phones, and this also applies for the PPC source! Are you beginning to understand its importance? :)

Conversion rate

While the ratio of website visits shifts more and more towards mobile, we see that mobile devices have miserable conversion rates. That is if we do not possess the right conversion channel, which works excellent on a mobile device too, then the further we get in time, taking into account the same number of visitors, we can calculate with decreasing income, turnover, request for offers… etc. in most cases, based on our experience. Exactly this is the reason why during a cooperation the first task of the agency is to examine these rates and, if needed, to help create efficient conversion processes on mobile as well.

Two important pieces of information:

1. Strictly speaking, individual mobile phone advertisements do not exist, since responsive (search) and adaptive (display) advertisements are running, which optimize their own appearance for the user’s device. However, the system may request information about the performance of these devices separately.

2. It is worth knowing that it is very important for advertisements to be running on mobile phone, since today the first results on the initial screen (the segment of the list of results above the fold, when we do not scroll- move down yet) are usually exclusively advertisements and they take away 85-90% of users! So, if your advertisement does not appear in the first 1-2 positions in the list of results, then you will be losing a visit!

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