What is the use of remarketing?

With remarketing you can reach those users again, who already expressed their interest towards your product or service. It simply means that those users, who have previously already visited your website (or Facebook page/ Youtube channel) from whichever source, will receive your message/advertisement again while surfing the internet.

By now all advertising platforms (Google Ads, Facebook, Youtube…) have made this feature available, and certain developments imply almost guaranteed return, if the focus is on conversion gain. This can be for example dynamic remarketing – especially recommended for webshops – when users will meet the advertisements of those products, which they have already viewed earlier, but have not ordered yet. It’s not a problem to reinforce brand building either, since we the brand loyalty and loyalty of previous visitors can be increased with this tool by using text, picture or video ads.

One of our clients was selling a service for €110. The aim was to sell as much from this service as possible, even at a lower price. We built a remarketing list based on the landing page of the given service, and for those users, who had already been to the website, but had not logged in for 2 weeks, we resent the advertisement of the service, but now with a price of €83. The discounted service had a separate landing page not available from the website, so really only that visitor could get there, who had previously been to the website, but did not become a client – most probably because of the price.

After this we made another little twist, because we built a remarketing list on this second landing page again, and applied the same rule as in case of the first landing page! So those who had already been to the page, but did not log in for two weeks received a new offer: we indeed gave them the coup de grace with a new advertisement, where the price of the service was only €41. At this point certainly almost everyone logged in at langing page No.3., which was also not available from anywhere else, and where that service really only cost €41.

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