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Search engine advertising


Opportunities for search engine ads:

In most cases search engine ads are components of performance campaigns. We use them when the focus is explicitly on getting conversion, meaning that we have to acquire new clients and customers for our client.

When it comes to webshops, manual campaign building is often supplemented by dynamic search advertising (DSA), where Google Ads generates the advertisements itself and decides which advertisement is displayed for which keyword in the Google search engine, but the right quality website is needed for this to work.

If you are looking for completely tailored advertisements where the advertisement text contains price, brand or any other important parameter, it is possible via a data table and Ad Customizer, even for several thousand products. This way we get highly relevant search engine advertisements.

If we add the search engine remarketing list with +50% bid correction to such a campaign structure, we can quite certainly expect a high return.

In case of search engine advertising we pay per clicks. In order for our advertisement to appear on top of the search results, a good quality score and/or high cost per click is necessary. The higher the quality score, the less we have to pay for one click, and the same is true vice versa as well: the lower the quality score, the more we have to pay to Google. About 50% of the quality score will be determined by the quality of the Google Ads account, while other half depends on the quality of the website itself. A good website can achieve a lower cost per click. This is how the optimization of Google Ads campaigns goes beyond the Google Ads account, where we can also help, if necessary.

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