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Which one is more efficient: TV or YouTube advertisement?

On YouTube the power of video advertisements comes down to more factors. The most important of them is probably its targetability, i.e. we can display our advertisements to explicitly those users, who are interested in a product or service like ours based on their previous habits, activities and other data. This makes it efficient, meaning that with expert management our advertisement cannot reach irrelevant users. Isn’t it irritating when a man has to learn all about a medicine decreasing the impacts of female menopause, because the system forces it upon us?! – just to mention one example…

As opposed to TV, on YouTube it’s always peaktime. The peaktime for each user is the time when they sit to at computers, and additionally the advertisement content is still under 1% on this channel, unlike the commercial TV channels’ regular 20%. In our opinion now it is still expressly worth advertising here, since the channel is not saturated, there is no such marketing noise, for which users would become resistant to.

Who is it recommended for?

For those advertising companies, which focus on brand building, becoming more known and in parallel increasing their customers’/clients’ loyalty. Certainly there are already solutions serving the stimulation of purchases, we would be glad to inform you about them at a personal consultation. It’s good to know that as for advertising on the Hungarian market, you have to plan spending over EUR 1,000 each month, which ensures system efficience, while the best video length is about 30 seconds.

The biggest argument for YouTube advertising is specifically its price. According to the current rules payment is due if the user has watched the advertisement until the end or has watched at least 30 seconds of it. So the length of the ideal video is 30 seconds (the users do not tolerate longer ones either) and we only have to pay usually only HUF 2-4 if the ad consumer has watched the advertisement until its end.

During our latest (smaller) campaign, for one month (January 2018) the advertisement was started in 706,500 cases, and 471,137 users watched it until the end, so they were interested in it to a full extent – thanks to the excellent targeting and the interesting video – and this cost only HUF 262,065, so it reached its actual target market at a price of HUF 0.56 /view. The TV cannot achieve this, it is hard to compete with these numbers.

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