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Facebook advertisements

The best tool for brand communication

Many of you are asking us whether we also undertake the management of Facebook advertisements in addition to Google Ads campaign management?
Yes, we also manage the Facebook campaigns of our clients full steam.
We can create perfectly profitable campaigns on the social network as well, but in our experience these advertisements really work out if they are accompanied by the right quality continuous communication.

You should also advertise on Facebook if:

  • Your target audience can be well defined demographically
  • You would like to use the remarketing or retargeting functions
  • You want to target users who have already liked pages similar to yours

Why should you advertise on Facebook?


It is the largest social media site in the world, you can reach almost everyone


You can perfectly reach out to your target audience, either based on demographics or based on their interest


You can advertise to users, who have previously visited your website (Remarketing)


You can also reach out to potential clients with only knowing their email address or phone number (Retargeting)


Half of the Hungarian population can also be targeted since they regularly use Facebook, but of course, borders are not an issue here


It’s also possible to advertise for the community of Norbi Update :) - jokes aside, you might as well advertise for the followers of your competitor, which is a quite professional solution

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  • The min. monthly advertising budget managed by us is 7.000 €/platform (Google Ads, Facebook etc.)
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