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Instagram advertisements

Why should you advertise on Instagram?

You can reach roughly 1.2 million Hungarian users on this platform, all of whom would like to ‘consume’ contents corresponding to their interests. Only a Facebook advertisement account is needed. So advertisements can be quickly, simply targeted, exactly like in case of Facebook advertisements. The expected result will be spectacular, since the Instagram audience is the most committed one compared to other social media sites, and 2.8 times more users remember the advertisement than for example in case of advertisements running on Facebook.

Hungarian Instagram trends:

  • The majority of men and women both upload contents weekly, most often women aged between 25-34 and men aged between 35-44.
  • 46.9% of Instagram users follow firms, brands
  • Almost half (49.4%) of the respondents find the news feed of Instagram more interesting than that of Facebook, and almost the same number of respondents find it more direct as well.

Source: „Trends on Instagram/Crane”

You can make your business more known:

If you transform your Instagram account into a business account, you can get a detailed analysis about your stories, posts and followers. More and more brands already communicate on Insta, all around the world more than 25 million business profiles have been created. There’s a reason for this, as 60% of the users say that they discovered a new product or service on Instagram, which they are interested in!

If you decided that you need this, you can choose from 4 advertisement formats:


Photographic advertisements - neat and simple


Video advertisements - catchy quality of sound and motion experience, even in 60 seconds


Gallery format advertisements - people can view several photographs and videos within one advertisement


Stories advertising function

If your aim is to establish brand loyalty and you would like to transmit feelings towards your fans through your product or service, then Instagram is a really excellent platform for this.

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