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LinkedIn advertisements

If you exactly know who you want to reach

As of today there are more than 800,000 Hungarian professionals registered on LinkedIn. Reaching them might be interesting primarily for B2B adverstisers, but we can also make the work of HR colleagues easier with it. What is cool about LinkedIn advertisements is that we might as well advertise for an audience based on professional interest. We can use fundamental demographic targeting, but we can finetune it using industry, competence, qualification, company, firm size… etc.

Good to know:


Costs per click start from 2 Euros


You can choose from 3 types of advertisements (picture + text ads, similarly to Etarget and 2 additional types of native)


We can advertise our posts in the news feed Similarly as boosting Facebook posts

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  • The min. monthly advertising budget managed by us is 7.000 €/platform (Google Ads, Facebook etc.)
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