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Waze advertisements

Sitting in the car, navigating by smartphone

In Hungary the usage of the Waze application is outstanding. We even exceed the statistics of neighbouring, moreover western countries. When we would like to advertise to the users on the road, then by default we can choose from three types of advertisements:

  1. Pin – A little marker appears on the display informing the user about the fact that your enterprise is nearby.
  2. Sponsored search – when doing a search in Waze, our advertisement appears on top of the list of results accompanied by our logo. This is similar to the operation of Google’s search engine.
  3. Takeover – This advertisement format appears when the user is waiting in the car (for example at the red light or in a traffic jam).

Although Waze advertisements can already be launched with a daily budget of 2 Euros, we have to know that in case of a higher advertisement budget these formats are further expanded, but a budget exceeding 3,000 Euros per month is necessary. (For the kick-off of the most comprehensive campaign a monthly budget of 15,000 Euros is needed.)

Who can benefit the most from this tool?

Those advertisers, who would like to advertise for drivers, but it’s also a good solution for campaigns, for which it is important for the venue or the event of the enterprise to appear on the car map. Such an advertiser can classically be a restaurant or a fast food restaurant chain, petrol station, enterprises dealing with car tyres – auto repair, but in addition to these examples in numerous other cases it is worth to include this type of ad in the marketing mix.

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