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Analytics consultation


Are these questions familiar to you too?


Is it possible to measure a given activity in Google Analytics?


How can it be measured?


What settings, developments are needed?


If I have the exact data, what conclusions can i make?


How should I transform my marketing strategy in light of the measured results?

Google Analytics provides much more information to website owners than just the number of visitors at the website at the moment. If we dig deeper, it is already visible which sources (Google Ads, Facebook…) users and conversions come from, which tool the site is used from, what product or service people search for on your website, and we could go on listing the opportunities forever.

These are DATA.

The collection of data makes sense only if they are used during the development of marketing strategy, or even in case of website optimization, probably product development.

It has happened before that the well-adjusted monitoring of a search bar placed on a website provided the client with information on what products users actually need, pointing out a great market niche, allowing them to adjust production to fulfil that particular need of the clients, thus generating additional profit for years.

However, all of this is only possible if the data is accurate, the measurements are correct and are processed diligently, if not, not only will you not generate profits, you can even cause losses if you make decisions based on incorrect information.

If you believe that you need help in adjusting or using Google Analytics, or if you need help in processing the data, then sign up for our Analytics consultation.

To be honest: we believe that the appropriate processing of accurate data is the most important factor for a website owner and is the foundation of online marketing.

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