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Supervisor corporate consultation

We delegate an expert colleague for you within the frames of our supervisor consultation, who personally assesses the processes and opportunities at any point of the country, at your place, and puts your Google Ads or other advertising accounts in order together with you. Additionally, if you require, he will review the complete online sales process, the landing pages, measurements and everything that has to do with achieving your online success. This practically provides you the professional support, which you could only acquire, if you permanently outsourced campaign management to an external agency.

The need usually arises at enterprises with greater advertisement budget for this service, which decided to handle their advertising campaigns in house, and due to certain reasons they do not outsource the task to an external expert. We tend to understand, since for a monthly budget of around 5-10.000 EUR and above the management fee would be an amount, which makes it possible to employ an own employee, but:

Due to the following reasons, we do not think it’s the best solution:


In case of such a large monthly expenditure it is extremely important for all settings to be perfect, which requires adequate "up to date" knowledge. The colleagues at our agency are trained on a daily level, to be really able to perfectly utilize the opportunities of Google Ads and other online marketing tools, while your own colleague most likely absorbs the required knowledge only months later. In the light of this "money burning" is guaranteed.


You can’t access the latest Google Ads opportunities in house, the so called Google Ads Beta, but we can. We can put these new advertising opportunities, developments, settings into service 1-1.5 years ahead of their launch on the open market. As a consequence you can gain better returns and significant advantage in the fierce advertising competition.


We often experience that advertisers don’t want to spend an additional 10-15% in addition to their advertising budget on management fee. (In this case our supervisor consultation service can be a good solution.) However it is rarely evident for our advertisers that the return fluctuates between +50% and +1000%. So it is true that it will cost more, but a permanent cooperation produces substantially more profit.

It happens often by this size of expenditures that a Google coworker calls the advertisers, informs them that they have become key clients, and asks them how he can help?! They recommend settings, seemingly brainstorm, but you better know that in almost all cases they will stimulate expenditure and do not focus on efficiency. We confronted Google’s dedicated “expert” lately in such a situation with our proposals and the deficiencies experienced in the Google Ads account and we got the answer that they have to manage the accounts of many advertisers, they cannot set up and elaborate everything…

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